Towards a Standard Style for Bibliographic References

  • A.L. Moorthy
Keywords: bibliographic references, citing of bibliographic references in the text, listing of bibliographic references, standards on bibliographic references, guidelines for bibliographic references, importance of punctuation.



Journals represent the most important single source of information for the scientific community. Usually journals differ from one another in many ways-physical formats, style of presentation, typography, cover-page design.etc. However, there are certain aspects in respect of which standardization can bring Uniformity, benefiting the journals as well as authors and users. This paper discusses the need for a standard style for bibliographic references (BRs) or citations given usually at the end of a journal article or a chapter of a book. It also suggests to authors, edltors and publishers some ways In which standardization In the preparation of BRs can be achieved.



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Moorthy, A. (2002). Towards a Standard Style for Bibliographic References. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 8(4).