Expert Systems for Library and Information Services

  • S.S. Murthy
Keywords: Expert Systems for Library and Information Services, Cataloguing, Reference Service, Indexing, Specialised Thesauri, Subject classification, Information Retrieval


An expert system (ES) acts as an expert or a consultant in some subject area and helps in decision-making in unstructured problem situations.The expert systems comprise computer programs modelled after human experts. These systems store information relevant to the problem–solving methods of human experts. Many definitions of ES have been provided by experts in this field, but the one given by the British Computer Society Expert Systems Specialist Group (BCS ESSG) appears to be adequate and comprehensive:

An expert system is regarded as the embodiment within a computer of a knowledge based component, from an expert skill in such a  from that a system can offer intelligent advice or take an intelligent decision about a processing function .a desirable additional characteristic, which many would consider fundamental ,is the capability of the system, on demand , to justify its own line of reasoning in a manner directly intelligible to the enquirer.

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