Open Source Software for Developing Digital Library: Comparative Study

  • Shalini R. Lihitkar
  • Ramdas S. Lihitkar
Keywords: Digital library, open source software, GSDL, DSpace, Fedora, Ganesha, E-Prints, Invenio, XTS, Dienst, VuDL, NewGenlib


The open source software (OSS) makes source code available to users, who can change the softwareto modify it more closely to their own requirements. Now the OSS is available for library and informationmanagement Examples of such systems include GSDL, DSpace, NewGenlib, Fedora, and Ganesha digitallibrary software, etc. The OSS is popular with technically sophisticated users, who are often also the softwaredevelopers. The OSS is becoming an increasingly popular software development method. This paper highlightsthe comparison of features, functions and usability of OSS, i.e., GSDL, DSpace, E-Prints, Fedora, Ganesha,Invenio, XTS, Dienst, VuDL, and NewGenlib. Ranking of the software have been done based on the assignedpoints for each criteria. The GSDL scored maximum points, i.e., 47 and hence it is in rank first followed byVuDL which scored 43 points.

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Lihitkar, S. R., & Lihitkar, R. S. (2012). Open Source Software for Developing Digital Library: Comparative Study. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 32(5).
Special Issue on Visualising Libraries