Digital Libraries and Higher Education in Nigeria in 21st Century

  • Stella Ngozi Ifeoma Anasi
Keywords: Digital libraries, higher education, Information & Communication Technology, Nigeria


Higher education in Nigeria has come under severe criticisms in recent time due to poor quality of itsproducts. There is therefore an urgent need for academic institutions in Nigeria to catch up with innovationsin educational practices in developed economies. This paper explores the benefits of digital libraries to highereducation in Nigeria in the 21st century. It examines the challenges being faced by higher education in Nigeria.These include the deplorable state of the libraries, inadequate funding, severe shortfall in teacher: studentratio, poor quality of graduates, increasing demand for participation in higher education, among others. Ithighlights the fact that digital libraries are critical and essential for effective teaching, research, and learningin all tertiary institutions in the 21st century and it should therefore be a priority. However, the paper stressesthat the development of digital libraries should not be conceived as a panacea for the myriads of challengesfacing higher education in Nigeria but that it is a technology that promises to address some of these challenges.Therefore, strong and unwavering commitment by all the stakeholders towards the deployment of digitallibraries in tertiary education is recommended.

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Anasi, S. N. I. (2012). Digital Libraries and Higher Education in Nigeria in 21st Century. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 32(4).