SpaceGL: An Indian Portal for Space Science Grey Literature

  • Nurul Alam
  • Pragya Pandey
  • Chaitali Dutta
Keywords: SpaceGL, Dspace, space science, portal, digital library, electronic archive, grey literature


This paper aims to present an experimental prototype model developed using DSpace for the design ofa web portal which provides access to space science grey literature. Grey literature is that which is notreadily available as other information and which is difficult to identify and access. The system is based onopen source software (Java SDK, Apache, Tomcat, Apache Ant, PostgreSQL, and Dspace). SpaceGL is animportant and ground-breaking example of an alternative method of delivering current research results to manypotential users. It can act as a central hub which collects and disseminates space science grey literatureproduced in India through a single user interface. It can also be a showcase which provides continuouslyupdated information on space science-related projects, initiatives, and events etc. produced in India. Thisexperience shows that development of institutional repository system (SpaceGL) resting on open sourcesoftware, framework and application program interfaces could lead to impressive results, in a short amountof time and with minimum of investment. In spite of being a prototype model, the SpaceGL aims to benefit fromnation wide exposure on full-fledged development.

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Alam, N., Pandey, P., & Dutta, C. (2012). SpaceGL: An Indian Portal for Space Science Grey Literature. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 32(4).
Special Issue on Visualising Libraries