Digital Preservation of Electronic Resources

  • Ramesh C. Gaur
  • Manorama Tripathi
Keywords: Digital preservation, e-resources, digital archiving, digital library, electronic resources


Due to huge advances in information communication technologies (ICTs), there has been an astronomicalgrowth of e-resources—e-journals, e-books, online databases and so on; libraries spend phenomenally onacquisition of these e- resources as these are very popularly used by the students and researchers.Unfortunately, this growth is accompanied by many threats. Digital content (of the e- resources) is fragile andnot durable. Its accessibility and use by future generations depends on technology which very rapidly evolvesand changes. Hence, ensuring access of e-resources for future generation of users is a big challenge forlibraries. The present paper highlights various problems of digital content and elaborates how digital preservationis more demanding and challenging than preserving print copies of journals. It also gives a bird’s eye viewof various projects initiated for archiving digital content of scholarly journals.

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Gaur, R., & Tripathi, M. (2012). Digital Preservation of Electronic Resources. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 32(4).
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