Intrinsic Motivation of Librarians in University Libraries in Karnataka

  • T.Y. Mallaiah
  • P.S. Yadapadithaya
Keywords: Employee motivation, work environment, employee relations, employee communication, responsibility, recognition


This paper discusses major implications for intrinsic motivation and managerial process in university libraries. The study is based on the primary data collected from 15 university librarians in Karnataka through a pre-tested, structured, comprehensive questionnaire with a response rate of 100 per cent. It paper reports on the intrinsic motivation of librarians in the university libraries of Karnataka in respect of their job, job environment and organization in addition to identifying and analysing the key individual, work and organizational characteristics influencing their performance expectations. It is hoped that this paper will help library administrators in managing library personnel both  effectively and efficiently.

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Mallaiah, T., & Yadapadithaya, P. (1). Intrinsic Motivation of Librarians in University Libraries in Karnataka. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 29(3), 36-42.