Credibility of University Websites in Tamil Nadu

  • B. Ramesh Babu
  • A.M. Narendra Kumar
  • S. Gopalakrishnan
Keywords: Tamil Nadu, information and communication technology, university websites, credibility


The influence of information and communication technology (ICT) in developing countries makes more demand for web-based reliable information. Many user studies confirm that, being able to trust the information on a website is very important to them in deciding to visit a website. Application of ICT and web hosting in an academic environment has increased gradually in the recent decades. This paper aims to study and analyse the various aspects of the credibility of university websites in Tamil Nadu. A total of 43 universities in Tamil Nadu were considered which include 17 affiliated and 21 private universities. The analysis of the data represents the extent and the level of credibility possessed by the universities’ websites in Tamil Nadu.

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Ramesh Babu, B., Narendra Kumar, A., & Gopalakrishnan, S. (1). Credibility of University Websites in Tamil Nadu. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 29(3), 16-28.