Is Digital Rights Management an IPR?

  • C. Vidyadhar Bhatt
Keywords: Digital right management, intellectual property rights, copyrights, digital contents, piracy


The relationship between law and technology has to be strengthened to raise the level of present electronic era. Though it is a challenging task, as per the latest know-how, it is the time to respond to new technologies. Till recently, the law makers handled problems presented by technology without breakdown of legal resources. Convergence of computers and Internet has posed a much graver problem, which legal policy makers find difficult to address. Music and film industries are also facing the heat of Internet piracy. Their reliance on traditional laws pertaining to copyright or other laws have not produced the expected results. In this scenario, a new emerging revolutionary digital technology, that could enable the originator to manage, control, permit usage of digital content is most welcoming. This article discusses the possibilities of paper management of IPR becoming digital management of IPR and surmise that DRM is becoming an important tool to manage digital products.

DOI: 10.14429/djlit.28.5.214

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