Knowledge Sharing through Intranet

  • M. Natarajan
Keywords: knowledg sharing, Itrane, kowldge mant, profesinal kowedge


The article describes the Intranet, knowledge and knowledge sharing (KS) with the key considerations of Intranet. The different types of KS like professional knowledge, coordinating knowledge, object-based knowledge and know-how are discussed. A modular approach for Intranet has been explained with the perspectives of managing Intranet through cyclical activity. The contents, which may be shared on Intranet, are exhaustively outlined, while emphasing on the relevancy of information content on it. In addition, the different categories of information to be included for KS like news, directories, reports, agreements, training material, etc., are mentioned. Some of the examples are given where, KS has been implemented. The benefits of Intranet for KS are given in detail with the problems of KS also. It is concluded that KS is an emerging area and all organisations/departments must share their resources in a fast way.

DOI: 10.14429/djlit.28.5.209

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Natarajan, M. (1). Knowledge Sharing through Intranet. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 28(5), 5-12.