QR Codes Making Smart and Effective Library Services

A Case Study

Keywords: QR code, Marketing library services, ICT, Barcode, Fiducial markers, QR code reader


Using QR codes in school libraries can indeed be a valuable and innovative approach to enhance the utilisation
of library resources and services. Implementing these strategies can create an interactive and engaging library
experience, motivating students to visit the library more frequently and make the most of available resources. The study explains the various uses of QR codes in promoting school library resources and its services, with all possible implementations to maximize their use. It encourages freely available tools to generate QR codes. It also tries to show, how the school library at B.V.B. Vidyashram Pratapnagar uses QR codes to create an experience that makes students want to go there more often.

How to Cite
Pareek, S. (2024). QR Codes Making Smart and Effective Library Services. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 44(3), 168-175. https://doi.org/10.14429/djlit.44.3.19801
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