Scientiometric Study on Authorship Pattern in Knowledge Management

A Global Trend

Keywords: Author productivity, Authorship Pattern, Biblioshiny, Degree of Collaboration, Globally cited documents, Local Cited Authors, Lotka’s Law, Knowledge management (KM)


The Present study focuses on authorship patterns in Knowledge Management using scientometrics. The
study found Del Giudice M as the most productive author with an h-Index of 20. The study found that Del Giudice M. is the most locally cited author with 25 articles with a fractionalised value of 7.05. The study identified Del Giudice M, Lee S, Bontis N, Ferraris A, and Serenko A as the most prolific authors from 2010 to 2023 The most striking observation is the presence of an Indian author, whose paper published in the Journal of Service Research was cited 738 times with a TCpY of 52.71. The study also reveals that more documents were collaborative, which accounts for the prevalence of publications with multiple authors with the USA leading the scene. This study deliberates mostly on authorship patterns in Scientometric research connected to Knowledge Management to cultivate a fairer, more varied, and influential research environment that accurately represents the depth and complexity of Knowledge Management practices and issues. This paper analysis Lotka’s Law, Most Local Cited Authors in KM, the authorship pattern, most locally cited authors, the productivity of authors over time, and most globally cited publications in Knowledge Management.

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M S, S., & P M, P. (2024). Scientiometric Study on Authorship Pattern in Knowledge Management. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 44(3), 176-182.
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