Bibliometric Analysis of Global Research on Scientific Writing

Keywords: Scientific writing, Higher education, Research, Bibliometric analysis, Academic writing


Scientific knowledge has been growing continuously and rapidly in recent years. Scientific writing plays an
important role in the process of scientific knowledge. In recent years, there has been an increasing research effort on scientific writing. This research aims to reveal the growth trend of global research on scientific writing, the contributions to the field, the trending topics of the field, the main themes of the field, and the social interaction of the countries contributing to the field. For this purpose, 968 publications covering the period between 1959-2023 obtained from the Web of Science database were analysed by bibliometric analysis. According to the results of the study, scientific writing literature has shown a significant growth trend since 2010. The most productive journals in the field come from science journals such as chemistry and biology. The most productive countries are USA and UK has the highest publication impact. The countries with the highest collaboration are USA and UK respectively. The trending topic of the SW area is on the use of Chat GPT in scientific writing. The SW area is divided into four themes: scientific literacy and communication, scientific writing in medical research, scientific writing in higher education, and ethics of scientific writing. This research provided a comprehensive review of the accumulated knowledge in the field of SW and provided a holistic perspective on the field. Furthermore, some possible directions for future research are shown. This research has shown that in addition to traditional studies that provide scientific writing guidelines, SW will be shaped more by artificial intelligence developments in the coming years.

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