Digital Humanities and Librarianship

Keywords: Digital Humanities, Digital Humanities and Librarianship


Digital Humanities (DH) is an emerging academic discipline that helps to provide solutions to problems of humanities and social sciences through computational techniques. It is the result of the convergence of digital technologies with social sciences and humanities. The libraries now have the responsibilities of planning, designing, and developing digital content, digital preservation, and digital archives to preserve the historical humanities and archaeological resources. Libraries have played a crucial role in the development of DH1. It is inspiring that library professionals are now wanted to engage with digital humanities actively2. DH is one of the key research areas of the library profession and can integrate with library technologies and methods such as knowledge organization, knowledge management, search and retrieval design, user education, metadata, semantic mapping, ontology, thesaurus construction, digital curation, discovery services, etc. which finds application in DH. Libraries support the digital humanities more explicitly in digital scholarly publishing, digital libraries, digital collections, text mining, and digital pedagogy

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