Role of digital humanities in libraries

Mapping Gamification Gimmicks

Keywords: Gamification, Game-based learning, RStudio, Biblioshiny, Gamified e-library services, Digital Humanities


Libraries have started incorporating game-like elements into their services, while the latter have added game-based facilities to their collections. Now a days, Gamification is a well-known concept in education and marketing. It entails incorporating game-like features into a certain process. It can serve to attract people’s attention, interest them in a specific activity, and affect their behaviour. Gamification can be used to grab library users’ attention, engage them in game-like library activities, and impact their overall library user behaviour. Ten years of data from 2013 to 2023 was extracted from Web of Science, and R Software (Biblioshiny) has been used for visualising the extracted data. Findings are mainly based on indicators like- most relevant sources, authors, globally cited documents, affiliations, country scientific production, three field plot, word growth, keyword plus and co-occurrence network. This study emphasises the importance of Gamification in library culture as it motivates users and makes learning more engaging.


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Moid, A., Masoom Raza, M., Javed, M., & Jahan, K. (2023). Role of digital humanities in libraries. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 43(04), 249-257.