Literature Survey and Analysis of Digital Humanities and Libraries in Recent Years

Keywords: Digital humanities, Library services,, Digital Library, ICT


The term “Digital Humanities (DH)” suggests a sub-field of the humanities that makes the ideal utilisation of digital media, as well as the practices and instructions that are naturally associated with it, to explore a broad spectrum of topics. This sub-field is fast developing an increasingly significant sphere of academic research. The conversion to digital has brought about a considerable transformation to several underlying library services, and one of the most fundamental examples of a field where a basic foundation of digital skills can be used to promote the development of an emerging discipline is the field of digital humanities. In the past, only a few studies on digital humanities were conducted. There was a disparity in the amount of research done on the role of librarians concerning digital humanities libraries. This article presents a comprehensive review of previous literature on “Digital Humanities and Libraries,” which included contributions from a diverse range of authors. These factors include the origins and history of DH and libraries, as well as the current state of DH and libraries. The theory and concepts of digital humanities as a field of study are examined, as well as the potential mapping of these theories and concepts to traditional university library collections and services. The research concluded that effective cultural heritage digital initiatives are best carried out through the formation of constructive partnerships between DH scholars and community groups.

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Makwana, P., & Gadhavi, G. (2023). Literature Survey and Analysis of Digital Humanities and Libraries in Recent Years. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 43(04), 291-299.