Digital Humanities in the Context of Library and Information Science

Keywords: Digital humanities, Humanities computing, Methodological commons, Mode of formation of DH, Relational architecture of DH, Library centric DH


This paper is an attempt to explore the scope and origin of the new domain ‘Digital Humanities (DH)’ in the context of library and information science. Besides, author also mentioned other two modes of origin of the subject DH. It also stated the role of librarians for the development of DH. It was basically theoretical research where author used desk research technique through analyzing published literature on the domain. The main gap in literature review which author identified was ‘mode of formation of the subject DH from LIS point of view’. Author here tried to match between the librarians’ acquired knowledge base with need of DH scholars and pointed out the areas where LIS professionals can contribute toward developing DH. Finally, author theoretically developed a model to explain the origin of the subject DH from in the context of LIS domain and also presented other two existing concepts in a very simple, graphical ways.

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Jana, S. (2023). Digital Humanities in the Context of Library and Information Science. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 43(04), 282-290.