Exploring Factors Affecting Media Information Literacy

A Mediation Analysis

Keywords: Media information literacy, Media literacy, UNESCO’s MIL ecology, Information literacy, Digital literacy, Freedom of expression, University of Jammu



This paper is intended to investigate the determinants of media information literacy by examining the skills of students belonging to the University of Jammu in July 2022. The focal point of the study is to identify the predictors of MIL, by knowing the student’s familiarity with the various concepts of MIL, and their level of MIL skills. MIL is studied through a scale having four parameters, with a 0.741 interclass correlation and a total reliability of.81. The majority of respondents assessed poor MIL skills and distinct from the self-reported MIL (W= 2386.5, p<0.001, and rB = 0.8). It was found that information literacy, computer literacy, and freedom of expression are indirectly affecting the MIL, and is mediated by the capacities to create and evaluate information.Nevertheless, it is directly affected by information literacy.

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Gupta, S., Sharma, D., & Thakur, R. (2023). Exploring Factors Affecting Media Information Literacy. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 43(02), 78-87. https://doi.org/10.14429/djlit.43.02.18608
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