Perceived Attitudes, Perceptions and Barriers towards Scholarly Publication

A Case Study of Indian Researchers

Keywords: Attitudes, Perceptions, Barriers, Scholarly publication, Indian researchers



The purpose of this study is to investigate researchers’ attitudes, perceptions, and barriers toward scholarly publication. The current research can be a foundation for conversations on removing obstacles to scholarly publication. A total of 284 researchers participated in the present study. This quantitative analysis is based on a structured questionnaire through convenient sampling. For gathering data, a self-administered questionnaire was developed. The author used descriptive statistics to examine the data. Half (50 %) of the respondents had 1-2 years of research experience. Most of the participants (71.8 %) had participated in a session on research methods, and nearly half (48.9 %) had attended a session on article writing. Additionally, close to one-third (29.2 %) had written 1-2 articles, and more than half (59.5 %) had published research articles in a journal. The scholarly publication contributes to the academic growth of the institution, research enhances professional development and lack of research skills was the most prominent item considering attitudes, perceptions and barriers towards scholarly publication respectively. Across the tested analysis, gender has no significant difference, while age has a substantial difference in participating in conducting research. Gender has no significant difference, while age significantly correlates with article publication. Experience impact in conducting meaningful research, whereas attending research methodology training correlates with publishing articles and attending an article-writing workshop correlates with published articles. Incessant and collective consideration is imperative to overcome barriers to publishing scholarly articles. Moreover, training in research methodology, article writing, mentorship, facilities and funding are prerequisites for conducting research.

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Shimray, S. (2023). Perceived Attitudes, Perceptions and Barriers towards Scholarly Publication. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 43(02), 88-93.
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