Contemplating and Visualizing Plagiarism Through a Bibliometric Study

Keywords: Plagiarism, Bibliometric study, R bibliometrix package, UGC’s regulations 2018



Plagiarism has become a buzz word in higher education sector graving as unlawful act in academic publishing. A lot of literature covering the various aspects of plagiarism and related issues has been published in the form of scientific communications. The article contemplates and visualizes the literature on plagiarism with the help of selective bibliometric parameters. The present study is focused upon concept of plagiarism with an intend to enrich the quality of research and bringing in more awareness on the topic by presenting detailed analysis on the quantum of research work from 1989-2022. During the study period, 3771 validated documents were found on the theme of plagiarism. An average citation per document is registered as 14.3. Wiwanikit, V; Rolg, M; Joob, B, and Marusic A had the highest publications on plagiarism literature. The analysis in the given study stated that USA, United Kingdom, China, Australia, and Canada have been most contributing countries in terms of the research output. Using Bradford’s law, the top ten sources along with SJR value13from the core zone has been evaluated. The conceptual structure on theme of plagiarism is revealed through co-occurrence of keyword and thematic map. ‘Plagiarism’, academic dishonesty’ and ‘attitude’ are found to be highly occurred keywords.The article written by Drummond, G. B. entitled ‘Reporting ethical matters in The Journal of Physiology: standards and advice’ is found to be highly cited in overall output of plagiarism literature. The stakeholder of this research would be benefited from the quantitative information on the theme of plagiarism. The list of prominent authors, core journals and multitude themes will help them to submerge in the subject of plagiarism to explore more the issue related it

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Bapte, V., & Nagpal, R. (2023). Contemplating and Visualizing Plagiarism Through a Bibliometric Study. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 43(02), 112-118.
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