Case Study of the Deployment of Mobile Library Resources Application (MoLiRA) in Academic Institution

Keywords: Library resources, Library resources application, Mobile library resources, Library resources system quality assessment


Technology in educational institutions had influenced a lot and even changed the educational process there in. In the mobile age, every system is moving towards mobile-based service wherein everything had become available at the tip of the finger. In response to the call digitisation, Mobile Library Resources Application (MoLiRA) was developed to cater to the needs of the academe in knowledge management and to provide quality service to the students in terms of library services. The study was conducted in one of the schools in Bacolod City, Philippines, with the intention of evaluating its e-service quality level. The result of the study was that the MoLiRA enables the student to search through not only book-related resources but every library resource such as e-books, multimedia storage devices, unpublished researches, and other learning material using their primary gadget such as a smartphone. The study shows that the developed MoLiRA is high in terms of e-service quality level as perceived by the IT experts and students. The users have the ease of accessing the library resource information since the smartphone has become the primary gadget nowadays. The student can easily search resources available in the library which is in line with the course syllabus. Every library user using a smartphone received a notification informing them of the availability of the new library resources.

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Rivera‪. N. D. (2021). Case Study of the Deployment of Mobile Library Resources Application (MoLiRA) in Academic Institution. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 41(6), 463-468.
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