Reflections and Contemplations of Women professionals Contributions

Impressions of Recent Research in the Journal of Documentation

Keywords: LIS research, journal of documentation (JoD), gender research contribution, Women librarians, Women Professionals, Male professionals, Bibliometric study


Literary history and libraries’ progress are evident of women professionals’ contributions. Since the beginning, women professionals’ roles and responsibilities in different capacities have been quite phenomenal. The present study highlights the contributions published in the Journal of Documentation for the period 2015-2019. It attempts to study the variations existing in research output from a gender perspective and a brief review of women professionals’ journey and job-related aspects from traditional to contemporary times. The information is collected from the Journal of Documentation (JoD). The study focuses on the year-wise distribution of articles and authors, collaboration patterns among the gender, authorship pattern, geographical distribution, the annual growth rate of female contributors, and average productivity of male and female authors per article. The findings revealed that the annual growth rate of the female contributors was 28.6 in 2019. The male author’s average productivity per article is 1.23, and 1.12 is the female contributors’ average productivity per paper. The study is beneficial in understanding the women’s contributions in international journals, and it has also revealed that the publication gap is not huge. Still, it is minimal except in a few circumstances.

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Awasthi, S., & Sukula, S. (2021). Reflections and Contemplations of Women professionals Contributions. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 41(02), 140-147.
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