Use of Electronic Information Resources at the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission

  • Sunil Tyagi
Keywords: Electronic information sources, e-journals, online databases, Indian pharmacopoeia, document management software, digital collection


The present study sought to study the user experience and perception of using different types of electronicinformation sources (EIS) by the scientists, pharmacopoeia associates and scientific assistants; to analysethe different purposes for which the EIS is used by the respondents and to access current user characteristicsassociated with use of online resources and databases at the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC). Thestudy is based on questionnaire method. A questionnaire was distributed among the scientists, pharmacopoeiaassociates and scientific assistants to collect desired data. Total 40 questionnaires were distributed to theselected sample for the current year, 37 valid samples were collected and analysed. The result showed agrowing interest in online journals among the users at IPC. The survey showed that majority of respondentsmarked that library possessed useful online journals and databases for the scientific community. The datascanned and preserved in document management software play an important role to access relevant information.Awareness among the users about the availability of online journals was found highly satisfactory. Onlinejournals were mostly used for research needs and similarly pharmacy and pharmacology discipline-basedjournals used widely. The EIS is better for accessing current and comprehensive information.

doi: 10.14429/djlit.32.2.1604

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