Users’ Perception About E-books in India

  • Chennupati K. Ramaiah
Keywords: User perception, E-books


This paper aims to study the users’ understanding and acceptance of e-books in India. This study wascarried out by conducting a survey using questionnaire as a tool to find out users’ views on using e-booksas compared to printed documents. This study was carried out during the period of January to March 2006covering a wide range of ages, subject backgrounds, computer experience, occupations, and comfort in usingcomputers in their daily life. The readers survey found that Indians are generally willing to use and reade-books though they continue to prefer and use printed publications. Generally, the users are aware of theadvantages and limitations of each medium and will tailor their choice according to their needs. Of the total,slightly less than half of the users (41 %) are ready to pay the same or slightly lesser price as comparedto printed publications, 24 per cent are half or quarter the price of printed publications.

doi: 10.14429/djlit.32.2.1589

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K. Ramaiah, C. (2012). Users’ Perception About E-books in India. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 32(2).
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