Content Analysis of Library Websites of Select Colleges of Delhi University

A Study

Keywords: Content Analysis, College Libraries, Library Websites, User Study, Library Resources, Library Services, University of Delhi


The paper examines the accessibility, accuracy, currency and user-friendliness in ten selected library websites of the colleges affiliated to the University of Delhi. It further, discusses services and facilities being offered by the websites. The data were collected through a well-structured checklist from the selected colleges under study. The study reveals that maximum number of college libraries have mentioned information related to introduction 9(90 %), library staff 8(80 %), library hours 6(60 %) and membership 6(60 %) on their websites. However, study also report that none of the library websites/web-pages have features of social networking tools, feedbacks, regular updates and they also lack in providing question papers, news-clippings, user manual and single window search. The study findings reveals that Deshbandhu College library scored thirty eight (38) out of43 which is highest (ranked 1st) whereas Ramjas College scored only five (05) out of 43 and stands last. The study suggests, for carrying out such evaluative studies which is the need of hour to enable the institutions to update their websites periodically and come up with flying colours on user’s expectations
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RAHMANA., & SadikB. (2020). Content Analysis of Library Websites of Select Colleges of Delhi University. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 40(04), 247-252.
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