Factors Affecting Knowledge Commercialization in University, A Case Study

  • Ali biranvand Assistant Professor, Department of Knowledge and Information Science of Payame Noor University. Iran.
Keywords: Knowledge Commercialization; Knowledge management; Commercialization of research results; Barriers to knowledge commercialization


Commercialisation is accounted as the third mission of the universities; it is the idea expressing that the universities play a socio-economic role. The current research paper attempts to identify and rank the factors influencing the process of commercializing the research results of Payam-e-Noor University (PNU) to recognise the extent to which the identified factors are influential to pave the way for offering a structural-interpretational model of commercialisation according to the present study’s findings. The delineation of a structural-interpretational model based on the investigation of the factors influencing the commercialisation of the researches’ results contributes to the managers and decision-makers in the area of knowledge commercialisation to, meanwhile paying attention to the existent factors offered in the influential and basic levels, set the ground for the corroboration and improvement of the statuses of the existent influential factors in higher levels of the model thereby to bring about an increase in the success rate of the commercialisation of the studies’ results.

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biranvand, A. (2020). Factors Affecting Knowledge Commercialization in University, A Case Study. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 40(02), 73-82. https://doi.org/10.14429/djlit.40.02.14829
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