Integrity in Education and Research

  • Manorama Tripathi Dr B R Ambedkar Central Library, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi - 110 067, India
Keywords: Honesty, Integrity, Education and research


Universities and higher educational institutions, in the country or across the globe create new knowledge through their study of the existing ecosystems along with the constraints and challenges that lie therein. The most crucial tool in the box towards solving these gaping issues happens to be academic research. The knowledge generated at these epicentres address the problems, related to health, climate change, sustainability among many others. The findings of the research offer substantial breakthroughs to enhance the living standards of the people, better utilization of the limited resources and preservation of the planet.

With the changing and ever-growing role of the institutions of higher learning and universities in particular research has become all the more crucial. There is hardly any domain where universities and the scholars don’t have a role to play. With spectacularly arrayed disciplines coming under the ambit of education, the researchers have a ringside view of the world problems. If we pick up any instance of authorities dealing with contemporary issues, we are sure to find a few academics in the core team. Academics and particularly the hard research has emerged as the new go-to guy.

With so much riding on the research, any dilution of its sanctity would bring down the entire edifice of progress and development. Any laxity on the rigorous methodologies or standards procedures may prove very catastrophic for all the stakeholders and the community as a whole.

Sadly it has been observed worldwide that researchers often indulge in misconduct while pursuing their education and research enterprises. Misconduct refers to a gamut of wrong practices like plagiarizing, fabricating or falsifying data, manipulating images or pictures to substantiate their finding; reporting selectively to support their research objectives. The menace of gift and ghost authorship is also prevalent across academic and research intelligence. Any of this dilutes the quality of research and questions the authenticity of the resulting knowledge.

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