Information Technology on Surge: Information Literacy on Demand

  • S. Yadagiri
  • Prashanth Vidya Sagar Thalluri
Keywords: Information technology, information explosion, information products, social networking sites, social media, library and information professionals, information education, literacy


Dawn of information technology created a revolution, triggering the information explosion on the digitalfront. Rapid changes in the technology further gave impetus for digitisation of information, which in turn raisedthe need for information literacy among the public. The onset of cutting edge technology in telecommunications,on the other hand, also created more opportunities for the creation of new content to further en-mass theexpanding digital universe. However, the client or the information seeker, despite having internet accessibility,is far away from information sources. Present paper delves deeply into the possible threats created byinformation explosion and the necessary action to be taken by library and information professionals in dealingwith and managing the information sources to bring them to the mouse click of right information seeker at theright time, thus making them comply with the normative principles propounded by the father of library &information science, Dr S.R. Ranganathan.

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Yadagiri, S., & Vidya Sagar Thalluri, P. (2011). Information Technology on Surge: Information Literacy on Demand. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 32(1).