Publications by Faculty Members of Humanities and Social Science Departments of IIT Kharagpur : A bibliometric study

  • Trishna Bhui Vidyasagar University
  • Nivedita Bhattacharyya Sahu Vidyasagar University
Keywords: Faculty publication, Research output, IIT Kharagpur, Humanities, Social science, Citation study, Bibliometrics


This paper evaluates the citation count of article publications in journals by faculty members in the Humanities and Social Science (HSS) Departments of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur. The publication data is retrieved from the individual bio-sketch and annual reports available in the websites for 17 years from 2000-2016. Web of Science database has been used for counting the citations. Parameters like total publications in journals, most preferred journal for publication, highly cited journals, collaborative status of faculty publications and thereby their citation counts, faculty member receiving highest citation are studied. The finding reveals that 623 articles are found in total 359 journal. There is an increasing trend in the number of publications over the years. The journal named Psychological Studies ranked first with 27 publications of faculties whereas Journal of Business Ethics received highest citations and grabbed the first position amongst the journals. Collaborative researches by three authors received maximum citations. The faculty members are engaged in variant fields of research but the impact is higher at national level than that of international level. Sage is found to be the most preferred publisher publishing journal articles of the faculty members from HSS Departments of IIT, Kharagpur.

Author Biographies

Trishna Bhui, Vidyasagar University

Ms Trishna Bhui obtained her BLISc and MLISc from Vidyasagar University and is presently pursuing PhD with ICSSR Full-term Doctoral Fellowship for the year 2017-18. She has published research articles in journals and conference proceedings. She has a vast interest in Bibliometrics and Scientometrics.

Nivedita Bhattacharyya Sahu, Vidyasagar University

Dr Nivedita Bhattacharyya Sahu has completed her BLISc, MLISc and PhD from the University of Calcutta. She is presently the Assistant Professor in Vidyasagar University, Midnapore. She has authored a book and published many research articles in journals and conference proceedings. Her domains of interest mainly are : Reference sources and services, Information products and services, community information service and bibliometrics.


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