Job Satisfaction among the Library and Information Professionals in Fiji A Survey

Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Job Securities, Library Professionals, Institutions, University, Fiji


The paper deals with the job satisfaction of the library and information professionals working in government and the private sector libraries in the Fiji. The study was carried out in relation to what is the happiness level of working with their co-workers and how much they are satisfied with their wages and job securities. Library professionals have experienced ignoble and asymmetrical salary payments, lacks of proper housing, inadequate facilities in libraries, low social status given to them and limited opportunities for professional development in Fiji. The main purpose of this study is to find out the major factors affecting career choices, level of job satisfaction, and perceptions of the general image of library professionals in Fiji. This article explores, how much satisfaction of these library professionals, derive from their chosen career and examine the degree of dissatisfaction or areas of discontent among then. Results show that the female professionals are more satisfied from their job as compared to males. Library professionals who are much experienced are possess a proportionately high level of job satisfaction as compared to other age groups. Whereas, those professionals are between ages of 28-35, having a comparatively ignoble level of job satisfaction, compared to another age group of professionals. Unmarried professionals possess a comparatively ignoble level of job satisfaction as compared to married or widow and separated hold comparatively high job satisfaction.

Author Biography

Md Sohail, Department of Library Services, Fiji National University, Fiji

Md. Sohail holds MLIS from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh India. Presently working as a Principal Librarian at Department of Library Services and Teaching LIS programme under Department of Office Administration & Library and Information System, CBHTS, Fiji National University. His research interests are e-journal consortium, users study, TQM in library services, information retrieval and ICT application in library.


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