Blogs: A Powerful Tool for Accessing Information

  • M. Natarajan
Keywords: Blogs, weblogs, RSS blogger, cyber slap, Internet


The article defines blogs (also known as weblogs), their history, characteristics, and functions. Different types of weblogs have been discussed especially their contents which change daily and the issues discussed by the users on the blogs. Some of the
weblogs software like Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and the Library Weblogs and their uses in libraries have also been discussed. The article analyses content coverage, updation users, creators, and maintenance of the blogs. The future trend of Blogs with the challenges librarians have to face to meet the users requirement, have also been discussed.

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Natarajan, M. (1). Blogs: A Powerful Tool for Accessing Information. DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology, 27(3), 13-20.