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Vol 65, No 5 2-D Imaging of Concealed Objects using Circular Co-Arrays at MM Wave Frequencies: Simulation and Experimental Results Abstract   PDF
Rajendra Prasad Dixit
Vol 60, No 3 2-D Shape Fitting for Locating Exploding Projectile from Explosion Patch Abstract   PDF
Kunal Ray
Vol 56, No 1: Quality and Reliability in Aerospace Systems 3-D MCM Technology for Miniaturisation of an Electronic System Abstract   PDF
S. K. Bhowmick
Vol 55, No 3: Guidance and Control of Missiles 3-D Modified Proportional Navigation Guidance Law based on a Total Demand Vector Concept Abstract   PDF
P.K. Tiwari, Prashant Vora, S. Srinivasan, R.N. Bhattacharjee
Vol 33, No 1 8 GHz Tunable Gunn Oscillator in WR-137 Waveguide Abstract   Untitled
P. C. Rakshit, G Ghosh, P. K. Saha, B. R. Nag
Vol 65, No 5 94 GHz Radiometer for Benchmarking its Operational Parameters for the Remote Detecton of Concealed Threat Abstract   PDF
Ashok Kumar, B.S. Jassal
Vol 29, No 3 A Bayesian Approach to a Renewal Function Abstract   PDF
D. D. Bhattacharya
Vol 15, No 2 A Bivariate Gamma Distribution in Life Testing Abstract   PDF
M. S. Holla, S. K. Bhattacharya
Vol 63, No 2: Avionics Systems A Blue Print for the Future Electronic Warfare Suite Development Abstract   FULL TEXT : [HTML]   [PDF]   [epub]
R. Pitchammal, S. Sarala
Vol 2, No 4 A brief report of the discussion on the study of ballistics in the universities Abstract   PDF
R. S. Varma
Vol 43, No 2: Computer Application in Defence A CASE Tool to Create an Object oriented System . Abstract   PDF
S. Srikumar, V. Rajaraman
Vol 12, No 4 A Circuit Design to Trace a Resonance Curve on a Cathode Ray Oscillograph Using a Sweep Frequency Oscillator and to Determine Dielectric Constants of Some Standard Liquids Abstract   PDF
M. B. Karnik, A. Desa
Vol 9, No 2 A classification project for third specialist course sailors- a follow-up study (I) Abstract   PDF
Atmananda Sharma
Vol 28, No 3 A Clock Synchronization Circuit Using Transmitted Time Codes Abstract   PDF
C.L. Bhat, H. Razdan
Vol 53, No 1: Large Deformation- Pt I A Closed-form Solution to Finite Bending of a Compressible Elastic-perfectly Plastic Rectangular Block Abstract   PDF
H. Xiao, O.T. Bruhns, A. Meyers
Vol 39, No 3 A Comparative Study of Antarctic Arctic and Himalayan Ice Abstract   PDF
R. C. Pathak
Vol 39, No 2 A Computational Teddqae for Heat W a r h e to a Fast Movhg Hl(lf 80urce Abstract   PDF
K. V. Rama Rao, J. A. Sekhar
Vol 35, No 4 A Computer Code For Evaluation of Design Parameters of Concrete Piercing Earth Shock Missile Warhead Abstract   PDF
P. K. Roy, K. Ramarao
Vol 41, No 1 A Computer Code for Parametric Optimisation of Section Cartiridge for Small Arms Abstract   PDF
P.K. Roy, D.A. Mishra
Vol 19, No 4 A Computer Program for Calculating the Moore Penrose Generalized Inverse of a Rectangular or Singular Matrix Abstract   PDF
Susy Philipose
Vol 66, No 5: Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents A Concept of a Probable Autoinjector for Bio-threat Agents Abstract   PDF
R.V. Geetha, Anitha Roy, S. Senthilkumar, A.S.B. Bhaskar, R. Vijayaraghavan
Vol 64, No 3: Polymer Science and Technology A Concise Account on the Properties of CNT-Reinforced Epoxy Composites based on some Select References Abstract   FULL TEXT : [HTML]   PDF
L. Chang, Sri Bandyopadhyay
Vol 11, No 2 A condition for achromatism of three lenses Abstract   PDF
T. V. Pardhasaradhi
Vol 41, No 1 A Continuum Solution to the Problems of Composite Laminate Analysis Abstract   PDF
K. Kamal, S. Durvasula
Vol 64, No 1 A Coplanar Waveguide Fed Rectangular Reconfigurable Patch Antenna with Switchable Strips for Polarization Diversity Abstract   FULL TEXT : [HTML]   PDF
Sulakshana Chilukuri, Anjaneyulu Lokam
Vol 68, No 1: Commemorative Issue on DRDO@60 A Design of Experiments Methodology for Evaluating Configuration for a Generation Next Main Battle Tank Abstract   PDF
Abdur Rahman Hafeezur Rahman, Shaik Ameer Malik, Jagath Rajesh Kumar, Vadivelu Balaguru, Palanivel Sivakumar
Vol 12, No 1 A device for making out arcs of long radius Abstract   PDF
P. K. Haldar, A. C. Mitra
Vol 62, No 6 A Distributed Parallel Simulation Environment for Interoperability and Reusability of Models in Military Applications Abstract   FULL TEXT : [HTML]   PDF
Taeho Lee, Sangjin Lee, Seogbong Kim, Jongmoon Baik
Vol 63, No 3 A Distributed Weighted Voting Approach for Accurate Eye Center Estimation Abstract   Full text [PDF]   [EPUB]
Gagandeep Singh, Mahesh Kumar H. Kolekar
Vol 64, No 2 A Dorsal Hand Vein Recognition-based on Local Gabor Phase Quantization with Whitening Transformation Abstract   FULL TEXT : [HTML]   PDF
K. Premalatha, Anantha kumar T, Natarajan A M
Vol 12, No 4 A double-ended queuing system Abstract   PDF
H. C. Jain
Vol 10, No 4 A few alternative techniques for the production of olive green shade without the use of the conventional synthetic dyestuffs Abstract   PDF
P. S. Nadkarni
Vol 68, No 3 A Field Study on Concurrent Spare Parts Recommendation in an Airborne Weapon System Abstract   PDF
Giseop Noh, Hayoung Oh
Vol 62, No 1: Cryptology and Communication Security A Flexible Crypto-system Based upon the REDEFINE Polymorphic ASIC Architecture Abstract   FULL TEXT : [HTML]   PDF
Ganesh Garga, Saptarsi Das, S. K. Nandy, Ranjani Narayan, Chandan Haldar, Maheshkumar P. Jagtap, Siba Prasad Dash
Vol 67, No 5 A FPGA based Steganographic System Implementing a Modern Steganalysis Resistant LSB Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Kunjan Pathak, Manu Bansal
Vol 66, No 6: Cyber Security A Framework for Efficient Routing in MANET using Index Routing Tables-based Algorithms Abstract   PDF
Gundala Swathi, R. Saravanan
Vol 28, No 4 A Fresh Approach to the Study of Atmosphere Turbidity Abstract   PDF
N. C. Majumdar, O. P. Garg, B. K. Agarwal
Vol 67, No 3 A Game Theoretic Approach to Modelling Jamming Attacks in Delay Tolerant Networks Abstract   PDF
Monica Ravishankar, D. Vijay Rao, C.R.S. Kumar
Vol 68, No 1: Commemorative Issue on DRDO@60 A Game Theoretic Software Test-bed for Cyber Security Analysis of Critical Infrastructure Abstract   PDF
Monica Ravishankar, D. Vijay Rao, C. R. S. Kumar
Vol 14, No 1 A Generalisation of Queuing with Breakdowns Abstract   PDF
K. Thiruvengadam
Vol 65, No 5 A Generic Method for Azimuthal Map Projection Abstract   PDF
Narayan Panigrahi, Cyan Subhra Mishra
Vol 68, No 2 A Hybrid Approach to Cognition in Radars Abstract   PDF
M. Justin Sagayaraj, Jithesh V., J.B. Singh, Dange Roshani, K.G. Srinivasa
Vol 64, No 2 A Linear Antenna Array Failure Correction with Null Steering using Firefly Algorithm Abstract   FULL TEXT : [HTML]   PDF
Narwant Singh Grewal, Munish Rattan, Manjeet Singh Patterh
Vol 16, No 2 A Linear Radio Frequency Field Intensity Meter Abstract   PDF
V. G. Kher, V. L. Lokre
Vol 17, No 3 A Low Frequency Helical Antenna for Sub Surface Communication Abstract   PDF
B. Chatterjee, D. Bhattacharya
Vol 24, No 4 A Mathematical Game of Reaching an Island in a Deep Lake with the Aid of a Rope Abstract   PDF
A. S. Adikesavan, A. Arumugam
Vol 13, No 1 A mathematical note on radioiodine uptake and excretion for the system of a dynamic organism Abstract   PDF
P. C. Gupta
Vol 12, No 3 A method for testing rangefinder collimator in respect of parallelism of beams in the directions of coincidence and halving. Abstract   PDF
K. P. Datta, R.C. P. Sinha
Vol 28, No 3 A Method of Find Out Flow Variables Behind the Shock Surface in Strong Point Explosions in Axisymmetric Media Abstract   PDF
J.B. Bhowmick
Vol 39, No 2 A Microprocessor-Based System for Monitoring Gas Turbines Abstract   PDF
P. K.S. Shrivastava, R. P. Arora, Jasbir Singh
Vol 41, No 4 A Model for Estimation of Aircraft Attrition from Various Ground Air Defence Weapons Abstract   PDF
V.P. Singh, Yuvraj Singh
Vol 36, No 1 A Model for the Lubrication Mechanism in Knee Joint Replacement Abstract   PDF
P. N. Tandon, L. Rakesh
Vol 28, No 1 A Modified Basin Type Solar Still Abstract   PDF
S. P. Anand
Vol 19, No 3 A Modified Polymer from Polyacrylonitrile Abstract   PDF
Indra Bajaj, S. R. Chatterjee
Vol 66, No 1 A Modular and Integrated Optimisation Model for Underwater Vehicles Abstract   PDF
K. L. Vasudev, R. Sharma, S. K. Bhattacharyya
Vol 16, No 2 A Monochromator Photometer for the near Infrared region of 0.7 to 1.2 Abstract   PDF
N. C. Verma, K. C. Mathur
Vol 68, No 2 A Motif-based Mission Planning Method for UAV Swarms Considering Dynamic Reconfiguration Abstract   PDF
Jiajie Liu, Weiping Wang, Xiaobo Li, Tao Wang, Tongqing Wang
Vol 14, No 2 A New Approach Towards Classification of Climates Abstract   PDF
N. C. Majumdar, R. N. Sharma
Vol 50, No 3 A New C Eight-Noded Plate Element for Static & Dynamic , Analyses of Composite Laminates Abstract   PDF
M. Ganapathi, B.P. Patel, M. Touratier
Vol 18, No 4 A New Deferred Sentencing Scheme Abstract   PDF
N. K. Chakravarti, T. N. Srivastava
Vol 12, No 4 A New Explanation of the Generation of Electrical Oscillations in A.C.Discharge Abstract   PDF
M. B. Karnic
Vol 19, No 3 A New Generalisation of Hankel Transform Abstract   PDF
R. U. Verma
Vol 6, No 2 A New Method for Testing Two Binomial Samples with its Application in Statistical Quality Control Abstract   PDF
P.V. Krishna Iyer, M. N. Bhattacharyya
Vol 12, No 3 A new pattern of the periodic table Abstract   PDF
Brajendra Nath Tripathi
Vol 35, No 4 A New Stability Concept for Propellants Abstract   PDF
Harihar Singh, H. G. Gokhale
Vol 63, No 1: Communication Systems and Image Processing Technology A New Strategy of Guidance Command Generation for Re-entry Vehicle Abstract   FULL TEXT : [HTML]   [PDF]   [ePub]
Xie Daocheng, Wang ZhongWei, Zhang WeiHua
Vol 27, No 4 A New Test Rig for Measuring the Spin Stabilised Rocket Charcteristics Abstract   PDF
P.K. Roy, Vasantha Ramaswamy
Vol 15, No 1 A New Turbidimetric method for the Determination of Sulphate in Brackish Waters Abstract   PDF
J. C. Chaudhuri, A. D. Purohit, T. N. Bhargava
Vol 15, No 1 A Note on a Normal Distribution with Varying Standard Deviation Abstract   PDF
Mahabaleshwara Holla, Samir Kumar Bhattacharya
Vol 20, No 4 A Note on Attainment of Constant Driving Pressure in a Tapered Bore Gun with Moderated Charges Abstract   PDF
R. N. Bhattacharyya
Vol 14, No 3 A note on attribute life-testing Abstract   PDF
P.V. Krishna Iyer, S. K. Bhattacharya
Vol 28, No 2 A Note on Chemical Composition of Some Uttarakhand Grasses Abstract   PDF
Om Prakash, P. C. Pant, P. S. Rawat
Vol 28, No 1 A Note on combustion Properties of Chromium Trioxide Abstract   PDF
K. Kishore, B. K. Chaturvedi
Vol 15, No 3 A Note on Diffraction of Oblique Shock Wave Abstract   PDF
R. S. Srivastava
Vol 4, No 3 A note on efficiency of rockets Abstract   PDF
S. K. Gupta, A. K. Mehta
Vol 19, No 3 A Note on Elastic Catenary Abstract   PDF
Shanker Prashad Mishra, Banabihary Mishra
Vol 27, No 2 A Note on Electron Mobilities of 3-5 Semiconductors Abstract   PDF
K.N. Saxena, V.W. Wagh
Vol 20, No 2 A Note on Hydromagnetic Flow near an Accelerated Plate Abstract   PDF
G. C. Pande
Vol 62, No 2 A Note on Implementing Recurrence Quantification Analysis for Network Anomaly Detection Abstract   FULL TEXT : [HTML]   PDF
Ch. Aswani Kumar, Bhargavi K., Garima Jalota
Vol 26, No 1 A Note on Measurement of Flame Turbulence Abstract   PDF
V. Sriramulu, M. C. Gupta, H. Heitland
Vol 13, No 1 A note on paper electrophoresis of milk proteins Abstract   PDF
B.C. Ray Sarkar, L. A. Ramanathan, C. Rajsekar
Vol 16, No 4 A Note on Parallel Hydromagnetic Shocks Abstract   PDF
B. G. Verma
Vol 26, No 4 A Note on Periodic Variations in Serum Cholesterol Serum Lecithin Cholesterol Acyl Transferase Activity and FaecalSterol and Bile Acid Excretion in the Rat Fed Different Levels of Dietary Protein Abstract   PDF
Narindar Nath
Vol 23, No 2 A Note On Piezometric Efficiency In An Orthodox Gun Abstract   PDF
R. N. Bhattacharyya
Vol 20, No 3 A note on Polarographic Studies on Ferrous 5 Nitro 1: 10 Phenanthroline Chelate (5 Nitro Ferroin) Abstract   PDF
S. S. Singh
Vol 16, No 3 A Note on Quantitative Treatments in a General Incomplete Block Design Abstract   PDF
A. M. Kshirsagar
Vol 14, No 3 A note on semirigid polyurethane forms based on castor oil Abstract   PDF
Miss. I. Bajaj, C. D. Pande, B. Venkataramani
Vol 5, No 3 A Note on Some Results of Friction Between Non-metals Abstract   PDF
H. P. Bhattacharyya
Vol 22, No 3 A Note on Temperature Distribution of a Viscous Incompressible Fluid in a Circular Pipe Under Periodic Periodic Rate of Heat Generation Abstract   PDF
S. N. Dube, Jaipal Singh
Vol 10, No 1 A note on the assessment of the effectiveness of fumigation of grained foodstuffs inside the silos Abstract   PDF
N. P. Rao
Vol 9, No 1 A note on the biological assay of heparin Abstract   PDF
A. K. Ghosh, R. K. Srivastava, J. N. Tayal
Vol 38, No 1 A Note on the Constant Pressure Phase in an Orthodox Gun with Moderated Charges using Hydro-Dynamical Model Abstract   PDF
D. K. Narvilkar, K. C. Sharma
Vol 19, No 1 A Note on the Derivation of the Best Estimate of Reliability in the Exponential Case Abstract   PDF
A. M. Kshirsagar, M. N. Bhattacharyya
Vol 26, No 2 A Note on the Determination of Ricochet Trace of Small arms Ammunition Abstract   PDF
N. S. Venkatesan, S. L. Kohli, A. R. Battacharyya
Vol 3, No 1 A note on the detonation of TNT Abstract   PDF
M. P. Murgai
Vol 20, No 4 A Note on the Effect of Wall Conduction on Heat Transfer in Couette Flow with and Without Injection Abstract   PDF
V. K. Trivedi
Vol 19, No 1 A Note on the Equivalent Charge Method in the Theory of Composite Charges Abstract   PDF
V. B. Tawakley, S. C. Jain
Vol 12, No 3 A note on the estimation of chloracetophenone in mixture Abstract   PDF
S. C. Ganguli, B.K. Dutta Gupta, N. K. Ganguli
Vol 28, No 3 A Note on the flow of Viscoelastic Fluids Through a Rectilinear Pipe Having its Cross Section as a Parallelogram with pressure Gradient as any function of time Abstract   PDF
Raj Kumar Dubey, Ram Gopal Sharma
Vol 35, No 1 A Note on the Graceful Numbering of a Class of Trees Abstract   PDF
D. R. Lakshmi, S. Vangipuram
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