On the Stability of a Spinning Projectile

  • P. C. Rath Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
  • J. P. Sharma Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
Keywords: Motion, Conically


Stability problem both for small and large yawing of a spinning projectile has been discussed. In the latter case criterion for stability of steady conically yawing motion has been obtained. Particularly it has been proved that with a tilting moment coefficient of the type micro(delta)-betaohm/sup2/4[1-4qs(1-cosdelta)] the motion of a shell in steady state is stable like an equivalent top only when q>=0.
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Rath, P., & Sharma, J. (2014). On the Stability of a Spinning Projectile. Defence Science Journal, 15(4), 237-250. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.15.7351
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