Physico chemical studies on the composition of complex arsenites of metals Part IV: conductometric and potentiometric studies on the composition of cadmium arsenite

M. S. Bhadraver, j. N. Gaur


The formation and precipitation of cadmium arsenite has been studied by conductometric and potentiometric titrations between cadmium nitrate and sodium arsenite (meta) at different concentrations with either of the substances used as the reagent in titration. In the case of direct titrations (cadmium nitrate added to sodium arsenite in the conductivity cell), one distinct break in the curves is observed corresponding to the formation of the Cd (AsO/sub 2/)/sub 2/ where the molecular ratio is 2:1. The direct and reverse potentiometric titrations curves give one maxima in dE/dV at point corresponding to the formation of the complex Cd (AsO/sub/2)/sub/2 where the molecular ratio of reactants Cd:AsO/sub/2 is 1:2. The composition has been arrived at by comparing the calculated values with observed values by conductometric and potentiometric titrations. The composition of cadmium arsenite arrived at both by conductometry and potentiometry is best representative as Cd(AsO/sub/2)/sub/2


Physico-chemical ;Complex arsenites ;Cadmium arsenite ;Sodium arsenite ;Cadmium ;Conductometric

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Defence Science Journal (DSJ)