Hypergolic Burning of Formylidene and Furfurylidene amines with Red Fuming Nitric Acid as Oxidizer

S. P. Panda, S. G. Kulkarni


Six p-formylidene and six p-furfurylideneamines were synthesized and their ignition delay with red fuming nitric acid (RFNA) were measured by cup test method using a high speed camera. Structure - hypergolicity correlation revealed that a p-methyl group inhibits hypergolicity whereas a p-methoxy group accelerates it. Similarly oxidizable non-conjugated benzene rings increase hypergolicity whereas conjugated benzene rings decrease it. On compacting, the p-formylidene anisidine was found to be hypergolic with an ignition delay less than 100 milliseconds.


Cup test; Hypergolicity correlation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14429/dsj.27.6661

Defence Science Journal (DSJ)