Emerging Trends in Polymer Matrix Composites .

Vikas M. Nadkarni


The performance characteristics of PMC products are determined by the microstructure developed during the processing of composite materials. The structure development in processing is the result of integration of process parameters and inherent material characteristics. The properties of PMCs can thus be manipulated through both changes in the materials composition and process conditions. The present article illustrates the scientific approach followed in engineering of matrix materials and optimization of the processing conditions with specific reference to case studies on toughening of thermosetting resins and structure development in injection molding of thermoplastic composites. A novel approach is demonstrated for toughening of unsaturated polyester resins that involves the use of reactive liquid polymers chemically bonded to the matrix. The use of processing science is demonstrated by the significant effect of the mold temperature on the crystallinity and properties of molded poly (phenylene sulfide), a high performance engineering thermoplastic. An interactive approach is proposed for specific product and applications development.


Composite materials;Thermosetting resins;Thermoplastic composites;Engineering thermoplastic .

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14429/dsj.43.4289

Defence Science Journal (DSJ)