Perturbation of Initial Stability of an FSAPDS Projectile

R. S. Acharya, S. D. Naik


For a spinning projectile, the initial stability condition is 2 = 1+ (4 K3 / K2
2) > 0. In the present
study, this condition has been modified for the malalignments arising due to pressure gradient
and damping moment for an FSAPDS projectile. The equations of motion are established for the
first phase of motion. A mathematical model for the first phase of motion has been developed.
The effect of perturbation on the trajectory and stability of motion are discussed. It is proved
that if 3 K
(a parameter appearing due to perturbation)
2 2 /4 ), the initial stability of
motion will breakdown.


FSAPDS projectile; spinning projectile; equation of motion; mathematical model; projectile trajectory simulation

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Defence Science Journal (DSJ)