Library and Information Science Education in India: Some Government Initiatives

  • Manoj K. Joshi Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra-136 119
Keywords: DOI, 10.14429/djlit.30.617


Library and information sceience education in India is completing a century of its existence. A lot of progress has been made during this period. Many government initiatives taken by different agencies have been instrumental in this development. The larger initiatives like Radhakrishnan Commission; Kothari Commission; National Policy on Education-1968, 1986, 1992; National Knowledge Commissiion and functioning of institutions such as UGC, NAAC, DEC have influenced the entire higher education sector. The Government of India has also taken keen interest in library matters through Advisory Committee for Libraries; Working Group of Planning Commission; National Policy on Library and Information System, etc. UGC has shown keen interest in LIS education through its various committees and subject panels. The Library Committee; Review Committee and the two CDCs constituted in 1990 and 2000 have been largely responsible for the present state of LIS education in India. This paper reviews the various initiatives taken by Government of India in respect of LIS education in India.

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