Investing in Future: Digital Information Preservation Proposal of Public Policies for South America

Susana Finquelievich, Elida Rodríguez


The goal of this paper is to identify the current policies for the preservation of digital information in SouthAmerica, and to contribute proposals for the development of national and macro-regional strategies andpolicies. This document is based on a collaborative research, carried on by way of a survey of relevantpublications, both locally and internationally, completed with interviews with key informers. The research hasimplied reviewing relevant existing documents in the field of information society planning, legislation, policiesand declarations; diverse countries’ expertise in the field of information society planning and legislation regardingthe preservation of digital information (explicit national digital agendas; national, regional and local informationsociety policies; national and regional legislative measures; etc.); and relevant national and international documentsin the field of preservation of digital information planning, legislation, policies and declarations.


Digital information, preservation, public policies, South America, Argentina, legislation

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