Use of Electronic Information Resources: A Case Study of Thapar University

Baljinder Kaur, Rama Verma


This paper is an attempt to study the issues like use of electronic information resources, its impact on the collection of print and electronic journals its awareness among the users, and the places where the users are accessing these resources. A survey was conducted in the academic year 2006-07 at the Thapar University, Patiala. A total number of 504 users from the undergraduate, postgraduate, research scholar and faculty members were selected and their response was obtained with the help of questionnaire. The findings show that users from all these categories were using e-resources; the awareness about e-resources encourages users to use such resources to the maximum; and the users are using computer centre and hostels more for accessing the information. The impact of e-resources was visible from the decrease in number of printed journals in comparison to the increase in number of electronic journals. The use of e-journals has increased manifold. The printed material is being quickly replaced by the electronic resources.


Case study, electronic journals, electronic information resources, usage of e-resources, printed journals

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