Trends in E-book Research

Rajendra Kumbhar


The research intended to identify current trends in research on e-books. Specifically it aimed to know the facets of e-books attended to by the research published during 2016. It also intended to review significant results and their supportive or contradictory nature with reference to each other.

For this review research literature on e-books was searched from LISA, Emerald, Ebsco, Google Scholar and other databases using the statement ‘e-books OR ebooks’. The query was restricted to journal articles published in English language during January to December 2016. The review finds that the focus of current research on e-books is clearly on usage of e-books. Themes such as e-book collection development and management; search and discovery are also paid more attention to. Usage of e-books by children is emerging as a prominent area of e-book research. Designing of e-books and e-book reading devices are also topics of interest to e-book researchers. Many non-LIS disciplines and professions have interest in researching e-books.   



E-book use; E-book research; E-book collection development; E-book promotion

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