Use of ResearchGate by the Research Scholars of Pondicherry University: A Study

Mangkhollen Singson, Mohammad Amees


ResearchGate is an academic social network site designed primarily for scholars to create their own profiles, upload their scholarly work, and communicate among peers. The present study explores the motives, activities and benefit researcher seek or gain from joining ResearchGate academic social network. The result of the study indicates that ResearchGate is popular among research scholars in Pondicherry University. The motive of joining ResearchGate by scholar are many, however, majority of the scholars agrees that joining ResearchGate enable them to connect with people who have similar interests. Similarly, majority of the scholars stated that the main activity they involve themselves besides many activities in ResearchGate is reading articles and reviewing paper posted by others. Finally, ResearchGate has enhanced their ability to stay abreast with new/latest developments in their field of research. However, seeking employments using ResearchGate is the least research scholars anticipate. 


ResearchGate; Academic social network; Scholarly communication; Pondicherry University

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